Arts and Galleries

Orcas Island is home to some beautiful minds.  Local businesses like Crow Valley Pottery and Orcas Island Artworks supply a plethora of locally made arts, crafts, and pottery.  Private museums and studios abound with their own specialized genres of paintings and sculptures for viewing and for purchase.  Come to Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands to experience a style of art like no other.  Be sure to peruse all the villages from Deer Harbor to Olga; don’t miss all the unique art of the San Juan Islands!

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Your personal guide to beautiful Deer Harbor on Orcas Island.
Deer Harbor, Orcas Island

Crow Valley Pottery

This island studio has been offering its own pottery since 1959. In recent years it has evolved into one of the Pacific Northwest's most enjoyable Art Galleries. Featuring the varied works of over 80 artists, no two visits are ever alike! The shop's 'Summer Show Series' have become 'Island Events' in their own right... and blend new art offerings and the "Old Island" feeling all but lost on Orcas! Please visit our web site for additional information
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Windblown Eagles

Windblown Eagles is about wood carved sculptures. Each eagle sculpture is crafted by Rock McGinnis at the Windblown Eagles headquarters here on Orcas Island.
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David Ridgway Studio

I paint on-site and in studio using oil and acrylic. I make life drawings and paintings in charcoal, watercolor, oil and digital media. Painting surfaces vary from canvas, linen, rag mat board, paper and masonite to metal flashing.
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Orcas Island Artworks

The Artworks is a not-for-profit cooperative gallery founded in 1981 to provide a high quality showcase for a unique group of Orcas Island artists and craftspeople. Everything in our shop is made by local artists and craftspeople, currently numbering 45 and representing handmade jewelry, furniture-making, painting, sculpture, textiles, printmaking, glassworks, leatherwork and other crafts. Due to a recent fire, the Orcas Island Artworks' permanent location will be closed for repairs, but is currently open in Eastsound.
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Shinola Jewelers

Fine quality handcrafted jewelry in precious metals by goldsmith Vance Stephens. Fine gemstones, diamonds, pearls. Custom designs. Unique designs in Venetian glass, handmade beads, gemstones and pearls by Antoinette Botsford.
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Howe Art Gallery

Work in the medium of surreal kinetic wind sculptures.
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James Hardman

James Hardman lives in an old cabin on the windy north shore of Orcas Island, where he enjoys the company of bald eagles, harbor seals and white-tail deer. James pursues a variety of creative interests, including painting, printmaking, sculpture and music. The visual art of James Hardman celebrates the beauty of his island home. "I paint to convey a sensibility, a way of perceiving." He is self-taught and his unusual style has developed over twenty years of experimentation. His technique incorporates elements of glazing methods from the Renaissance with color treatment reminiscent of the pointillists. He works in multiple layers of translucent paint, using either a combination of watercolor and acrylic or a combination of oil and egg tempera. His paintings have found homes in over 500 private collections.
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Orcas Island Pottery

Located in the pristine beauty of Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands of Washington State, Orcas Island Pottery creates and sells some of the most original and beautiful pottery in the Northwestern United States.
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